Our Energy Solutions

Real Time Analysis

At Fesbec our rapid remedy and diagnostic approach to any issue with the long-term goal of scaling and with our reliable AI-enhanced analytics, with the ultimate goal of protecting uptime and ensuring continuity. Your remote assets ultimately gain complete visibility and improve real-time analytical monitoring and metric analysis that empowers and equips you to identify inefficiencies onsite or oerating equipment.

Remote Access Control

Maximizing your site’s energy efficiency provides you with the information you need to monitor, thereby minimizing wasteful and redundant energy usage.
Fesbec remote access monitoring, control, and management solution provides solutions, such as metric segmentation to monitor and control peak and idle times,
as a result of this revamping frequency and reducing fuel cost by analyzing and understanding operating behavior such as peak and idle times.

Alternate Energy

Our carbon emissions Key Performance Index {KPI) tracking in line with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals helps you to gain valuable insights into your remote assets and onsite carbon emission performance by identifying bugs and loopholes for full optimization. With our Remote Monitoring and Management solution will help you achieve Net Zero carbon emission.

Generator and Diesel Efficiency Management

Increase the lifespan of your energy assets with the ultimate goal of optimizing maintenance and replacement costs. We monitor the performance index of your fuel/diesel generators, we shoulder the load off your energy assets, and provide real-time analysis and alerts to issues and threats to your generator’s safety. We also ensure and maintain regulatory compliance and mitigate against a regulatory fine.